First All Karachi MMA Championship

Karachi, Pakistan – [Date: April 27-28th, 2024] – The inaugural edition of the All Karachi MMA Championship, hosted at Gulshan e Maymar, proved to be a sensational showcase of combat sports talent, camaraderie, and sportsmanship. Organized by the New Sky MMA Academy in collaboration with Pakistan Sports Adventure, the event brought together fighters from across Karachi to compete for glory in the octagon.

The championship welcomed esteemed dignitaries and notable personalities from various sectors, including sports, politics, and community leadership, who graced the occasion as chief guests. Among the distinguished guests were:

Mr. Abdul Berr (Former Chairman Fisheries)
Mr. Sarwar Khan Ghazi (Vice Chairman Gadap Town)
Mr. Hilal Saeed Rehmani (Chairman Union Council Gadap)
Mr. Lala Abdur Raheem (Chairman Gadap Town)
Mr. Ali Ahmed Jan (MPA PS-116)
Mr. Haji Nawaz Brohi (Chairman Mangopir Town)
Mr. Gohar Gul (General Secretary Sindh MMA)
Mr. Amar Ullah (Finance Secretary Sindh MMA)
Mr. Qutub Uddin (President Sindh MMA)
Mr. Matloob Hussain (Secretary Maymar Welfare)
Mr. Rashid Durrani (President Maymar Welfare)
Mr. Nadeem Khan (CEO PSA)
Mr. Hassan Musaddiq (Event Coordinator)
Ms. Saima Haseeb (CEO SSI)
Ms. Shazia Fatima
Muhammad Ashfaq Cool (Guest of Honor)
The championship was officiated by a team of experienced and dedicated officials, including S.M. Nasir, Hassam Jafri, Hamid Khan Saraj, Bilal Khan, Saifullah, Adam Khan Saafi, Hannan, Abdur Rahman, Ameer Gul, Iqrar Khan Tiger.

The event showcased riveting MMA matches, with fighters demonstrating their skills in striking, grappling, and ground-and-pound techniques. Each bout was a testament to the competitors’ dedication and commitment to their craft.

“We are proud to have organized the 1st All Karachi MMA Championship and provided a platform for talented fighters to showcase their skills,” said Mr. Gohar Gul, General Secretary of Sindh MMA. “The event was a celebration of martial arts and sportsmanship, and we are grateful to everyone who contributed to its success.”

The championship’s success would not have been possible without the support of sponsors, volunteers, and the entire MMA community in Karachi. The organizers extend their sincere appreciation to all those who played a role in making the event a memorable one.