AJK Trials

AJKMMAA Trials for NFT 3. This event, which took place at Narool Cricket Stadium, Muzaffarabad, Kashmir on Friday, the 29th of September. The trials attract a diverse range of fighters, reflecting the global appeal of MMA. Fighters from different backgrounds and regions converge, enriching the sport’s tapestry and creating a melting pot of styles and techniques. This diversity adds to the trials’ allure and showcases MMA’s inclusive nature.The trials boast a rigorous selection process that ensures only the most skilled and committed fighters make the cut. Fighters from various disciplines, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, wrestling, and more, converge to display their skills and adaptability within the MMA framework.The trials are not without their challenges. Fighters face intense physical and mental demands, and only the most resilient can persevere. These trials are a microcosm of the fighters’ journeys within the MMA realm, showcasing their triumphs over adversity.
The program commenced at 8:00 am and concluded successfully at 9:00 pm, spanning several hours of intense competition. Many athletes participated in this event wholeheartedly, showcasing their remarkable talent and dedication