MMA National Championship Finale

The finals of the MMA National Championship, organized by Pakistan MMA Federation and SA Group, at SA Gardens have come to an end.

On 12th December 2021, Excitement, enthusiasm, the scent of diligence and a feeling of bravery were visible in octagon during the grand finale of National Fighting Tournament. The event happened in the Amphitheater at SA Gardens, Kala Shah Kaku.

The event was attended by SA Group Chairman Sohail Afzal Malik, CEO Shoaib Afzal Malik, President MMA Federation Babar Raja, Sports Head Malik Mohtasim Balla Awan,

MD Ghulam Murtaza Rabbani, Director HR Salman Zia, Director Editorial Board Tahreer e Pakistan Nauman Bajwa, Director Ahmed Kardar Director Nadeem Akhtar and a large number of spectators.

In the first fight, Nisar Khan, who was representing the capital of the country Islamabad, defeated Usama from Punjab through Knockout. In the feather weight category Jalbaz from Gilgit Baltistan defeated Baluchistani fighter Mehdi. Punjab’s Israr Khan Armani defeated Baluchistan’s Ameer Hamza after knockout and Jahanzaib Khan was defeated by Muhammad Khan after an intense fight.

In the lighter weight category, SA Group’s Zaib Husnain and Naseer Khan faced each other and Zaib Husnain secured his win in the 3rd round of the fight.

In the Middle weight category, Asif khan won by defeating Abdullah Khan.

In the light heavy weight category, Zafar Qasim defeated Haider. SA Garden’s Faris won by defeating Ali Raza.

The match draw between SA Group’s Ayyub Khan and Seemab Arshad after an intense fight resulted jaw dropping moment. In the pro-fight category, Muhib-ullah defeated Hanzala.

In the professional fight, Owais shah defeated his opponent and American fighter Rehan Areeb defeated Noor Agha.

President MMA Federation Babar Raja said that MMA is a game of heroes. Fighters are showing their passion with full enthusiasm. It is the honor of SA Group to bring the youth in Pakistan towards healthy activities.

At the end of the event, winners were awarded with 5 lac prize money, shield and belts.