Semi Finals for National Fighting Tournament 2022 Season 2

According to details, the semi -finals at the Marki Phase 2 SA Gardens Kalasha Kaku on Saturday 3 December 2022 were completed. Arsalan Ali Abbasi and Shayan Mehdi in 52kg category qualify for the finals. In 65 kg Rashid Gujjar and Kashif qualified. In 70kg category Haider Ali and Shahab Ali qualified. In 77kg category Khazar -ur -Rehman and Sajid Qatoshi qualified. In 52kg category for women’s faiqa and laiba qualified. In 47 kg weight category Um Albin and Banu Butt qualified.

There were a large number of people to watch the semi -finals. Fighters received a lot of good wills on good kicks and punches. Shoaib Afzal Malik, Chairman of Pakistan Mix Marshal Arts Federation, President Babar Raja, PMAF Secretary Shafiq -ur -Rehman Khatana, Secretary Punjab Ismael and secretaries of all the provinces participated. On the occasion, Shafiq -ur -Rehman Khatana said that the semi -finals came to an end in the best way.