1st IFT 2023 Final

Pakistan 1st International Pak-Afghan Fighters Tournament organized by SA Gardens, the tournament was held in the name of Afghan fighters, as per the details, in collaboration with Pakistan Mix Martial Arts Federation and SA Gardens, Phase 2 SA Gardens Kalashah kaku on Sunday and Monday night 5th March 2023. An international fighting tournament was organized in Kaku Lahore in which fighters from Pakistan and Afghanistan participated. A total of four fights took place in the feather weight category. The first fight was between Pakistani athletes Bilal Hussain and Mohammad Agha. Bilal Hussain of SAGMMA Fighting Club won the fight by knocking his opponent on all fours. Hussain Jan Tori defeated Nimatullah Khan. Afghan fighter Muhammad Jawad Safi defeated Pakistani Samir Jat. While Afghan athlete Hameed Amri won from Zahid Khan. In the strawweight category, Pakistani fighter Ijaz Ahmed defeated Afghan fighter Ahmed Rishad, while in the same category, the second match was between Afghan players Nusratullah Langri and Izzatullah Majroh, in which Nusratullah Langri won. In the bantamweight category, Pakistan’s Rafiq Afridi defeated Ayar Kohistani in the second bout, Hamza Haidari defeated Asad Waraich, while in the same category Afghanistan’s Shamreez Ahmadi defeated Pakistan’s Babar Ali. Rizwan Ali won from Habibi. A total of 2 million cash prizes were given to the players who achieved outstanding performance and victory. Shoaib Afzal Malik, Chairman and CEO SA Gardens and Pakistan Mix Martial Arts Federation, took special part in the event. Federation Secretary Shafiqur Rehman Khatana said that SA Gardens has played an important role in promoting mixed martial arts in Pakistan. Respectable employment is being provided to the players here. Regarding the event, he said that the arrival of foreign fighters means that Pakistan is a place of peace. By organizing more such events, the name of Pakistan will be brought to light.