Pak & Qatar

Agreement Signed Between Pakistan & Qatar MMA

Big news for MMA players of Pakistan
A historic agreement was signed between the Pakistan Mixed Martial Arts Federation and the Finishers Championship on Monday in Doha, Qatar. In this agreement ceremony, Pakistan MMA Federation President Babar Raja, Operations Director Owais Shah, Chairman Finishers Champion Jai Siddharsan, And important members like Sheikh Abu Khalid, Director of Finishers Championship were present.The agreement includes working together, sharing resources, and co-hosting MMA events
Speaking on the occasion, Pakistan MMA Federation President Babar Raja said, “This signing ceremony has opened a new chapter for MMA in Pakistan and around the world. By working together, we will create more opportunities for the players and fans.” IFTMMA Director of Promotion and Operations PMMAF Awais Shah said, “The aim of this agreement is to promote Pakistani MMA and athletes by working together we can make a big impact worldwide. “We want to set new records for combat sports,” he said.Finishers MMA Promotion Chairman Jai Siddharsan spoke about the international collaboration, saying, “MMA is a sport that connects people around the world. The PMMAF and Together with the IFT, we can share ideas and pave the way for players and fans alike.
“By working together we can strengthen the MMA community and boost the spirit of MMA players,” said Finisher Championship Director Sheikh Abu Khalid.