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Asim Khan and Shahzaib Khan the incredible MMA talents

“Support Our MMA Champions!
Need Sponsor for GAMMA WORLD MMA CHAMPIONSHIP from 6-10 December 2023 to be held in BANGKOK, Thailand.
Meet Asim Khan and Shahzaib Khan, the incredible MMA talents who brought home the Asian Gold in 2021 and clinched Silver and Bronze in the 2022 Gamma Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts!
These dynamic duo not only secured victories against top fighters from India twice but also triumphed over challengers from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Thailand in 2022.
Despite their victories, our Pakistani heroes are facing challenges securing sponsorship for the upcoming 2023 Gamma World MMA Championship. We appeal to esteemed brands to step up and sponsor these champions as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility.
By supporting Shahzaib and Asim, you not only endorse their talent but also contribute to the pride of Pakistan on the global stage. Contact Grand Master Imran Qasim at +9232332046824 to be a part of this exciting journey!
Let’s unite for victory!