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Max Holloway’s epic UFC 300 knockout of Justin Gaethje

Max Holloway’s epic knockout of Justin Gaethje just keeps getting better.

On Saturday, Holloway claimed the “BMF” title with one of the greatest knockouts you will ever see, finishing Justin Gaethje in the final seconds of UFC 300. Despite being moments away from winning a clear decision, when the 10-second clapper rang out, Holloway pointed to the center of the cage and invited a brawl with Gaethje. “The Highlight” obliged and after a flurry of furious brawling, Holloway slept Gaethje with a nasty right hook, cementing himself in UFC history forever.

The highlight was so good that the UFC even promoted it on its various media accounts, something the company rarely does for Pay-Per-View fights, and on Tuesday it released possibly the best one yet: a slow-motion view of the epic knockout.