Michael Bisping give his take on emotionally unstable Sean Strickland wild weekend

Sean Strickland doesn’t get along with other human beings very well.

It was a rather eventful weekend for the former UFC middleweight champion Strickland and everyone who was in Las Vegas for the jam-packed lineup of sporting festivities. The entertainment capital hosted Super Bowl LVIII, UFC Vegas 86Dana White’s PowerSlap, and your typical Sin City shenanigans. “Tarzan” decided to get out to the PowerSlap show on Friday night, which turned out to be a confrontational experience. Who would have thought?

Strickland and musician Machine Gun Kelly had a brief encounter that saw “MGK” get called a vampire and insulted for how he dresses. This came after a sparring session earlier in the week that involved Strickland and influencer “Sneako.” The exchange inside the UFC P.I. octagon saw Strickland toy with his counterpart before he poured it on and released a heavy flurry of punches to end the spar. This caught the attention of Jake Paul, who labeled Strickland “embarrassing” and a bully. Watching this saga unfold over the weekend, Strickland’s fellow former middleweight champion Michael Bisping questioned the sparring situation.

“Sneako knew what he was getting into but does it make it right that Sean Strickland still did that?” Bisping asked on his YouTube channel. “Listen, I’ve sparred God knows how many rounds, probably thousands and thousands and thousands of rounds getting ready for many fights. Generally, even when you’re sparring another professional, it doesn’t get to that kind of situation. You’re not teeing off on another partner, a trained fighter, and trying to knock them out.

“If you’re sparring someone new, you take your time, you work with them a little bit. I understand the context here. He wanted to embarrass Sneako. He wanted to put him in his place to say, ‘Hey, you don’t deserve to belong here. What the hell are you even doing in the Performance Institute in the first place and you’ve got the balls to say you want to spar with me? Alright, alright. I’m gonna teach you a lesson.’”

Ultimately, Bisping concluded the sentiment with the mention of how a hard body shot would have done the trick on Sneako rather than pummeling away to his head as Strickland did. Strickland, however, has always been known as a notoriously aggressive sparring partner.

Courtesy By: MMAFighting.com