Amber Leibrock

MMA fighter Amber Leibrock converts to Islam

American mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Amber Leibrock has announced her conversion to Islam. The 35-year-old, in an Instagram post, spoke about her spiritual journey and how her new faith has turned her life around.

“Before this beautiful Friday is over, here’s a quick post. The last couple of months have been life-changing. I’ve had some ups and some downs. I’ve worked the hardest I’ve ever worked and still came up short. Disconnected from ppl I loved so much and had my life turned upside down. Then in a blink of an eye, it all started to make sense. Everything leads me down a path to bring me closer to Allah and find my deen,” the renowned MMA athlete wrote on September 16.“

To make room for blessings I had no idea were coming, whether they came in forms of situations, people or things I never expected. I’ve never felt closer to the amazing ppl in my life or with myself. Everything up to this point has been exactly what was supposed to happen and more than worth it. It’s not my timing, it’s Allah’s timing and I fully trust in it. Good , bad , whatever,”