NFT 2 Finals 2022

NFT 2 Final 2022

The National Fighting Tournament 2022 ended Sunday and Monday night Phase 2 SA Gardens Kalashaha Kaku had 17 contests. In which eight fights were for boys in different categories and five matches for women. There were 3 challenging competitions. The event began with a 52kg category fight. In which SAGMMA fighter Arsalan Ali Abbasi defeated Shin Mehndi and won the final. In the second fight, Punjab’s Banu Butt defeated Um Al -Mobin in the 47kg category. The third fight was made 56kg category in which Zeeshan Akbar defeated Abdul Rahman and won a gold medal. In the 52kg category of women, Laiba Mir and Fayea faced. In the 61 kgweight category, Ian Hussein defeated Asghar Khan. In the 56kg category, Iman Khan faced Amana Wasim in which Iman Khan was declared winner. In the kilo -category, Aqsa Usman was defeated by Shagfta Asif. In 93 kg, Al -Shah Hadi defeated Mohammad Hadi. In 65kg, Bashara Ahmed defeated the smile and made a gold medal. Rashid Gujjar of Gujranwala defeated Kashif Ali in 65kg.

Shahab Ali was declared champion for losing Haider Ali in 70kg. Khazar -ur -Rehman Samar Sajid Qatoshi took place in 77 kg. After a tremendous fight, Sajid Qatoshi was declared a winner. Shoaib Afzal Malik, chairman of Pakistan Mix Marshal Arts Federation, gave Sajid Qatoshi an NFT belt at the end of the fight.