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Was Chris Curtis robbed by Brendan Allen? Plus, Jon Jones’ latest controversy

At this current juncture, we have no new developments on the state of Curtis’s leg. He’s scheduled for an MRI on Monday, which will confirm things, but it seems extremely likely he tore his hamstring and is looking at four or more months of recovery. That sucks for Curtis. I tore my hamstring playing rugby in college and it’s literally never been the same. I rushed my recovery and kept screwing it up, and now it’s just an ever-present factor I have to negotiate around with stretching, warmup, and workouts. Granted, I’m not a professional athlete, but still, I was 20 years old. Curtis is 36. It’s fair to wonder how this will affect the final chapters of his career.

As for the judges, no, they were not drunk. Scoring the fight for Brendan Allen was entirely reasonable. I scored it 48-47 for Allen and I was not drunk. Allen pretty clearly won the first and fourth rounds. Curtis clearly won the second. I scored the third round for Curtis as well but it’s not insane to score it for Allen, even with the near knockdown, because Allen has so much back control. And the fifth is a toss-up I scored for Allen.

If you scored the fight for Chris Curtis, I have no issue with that, but this idea that Curtis was robbed is nuts. It was a competitive fight. Those happen among the best guys in the world.


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