National Fighting Tournament Lahore

2nd National Fighting Tournament Lahore

National Fighting Tournament was organized by SA Group and Pakistan MMA Federation at Meadows Resort Lahore. More than twenty fighters demonstrated their fighting skills in Punjab trials finals. Fighters took part in Eight Weight Category from all over Punjab.In the minus 61 category, SAG fighter Mohammad Faisal aggressively defeated his opponent Ibrahim. While in minus 85 category, Shaan Ali defeated Wasim Ahmed, the hall resounded with applause.Both the fighters of SA Gardens team defeated the rival fighters with their aggressive style.The competition between the fighters of minus 93 to minus 52 categories continued from 3 pm to evening.Fans from Lahore paid tribute to their favorite fighters. During the match, the spectators paid homage to the fighters.Fighters, participating in the trials final, said that the youth of Punjab are full of passion. We will succeed in national fights inshallah.President of MMA Federation Pakistan Babar Qayyum Raja said that we are providing a great opportunity to the fighters from all over Pakistan. In the Punjab Trials final, the best fighters will get a chance to fight at national level.Pakistan’s youth are full of talent. MMA is trying to promote the game in Pakistan. International MMA expert and fighter Owais Ali said that the trend of MMA in Pakistan was low before.But SA Gardens has provided a platform for the youth. This is a great initiative of SA Group. Mixed martial art is the most popular sport in the world. This sport is being promoted in Pakistan. Over the years, young people will make Pakistan famous on the world stage.